Frock Boutique

A Fabulous experience in Portland, Oregon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make everything in the store?

We represent well over 100 local & independent designers and artists and carry many different lines.  From time to time, we may be tinkering in our workshop and making a few little things for the shop, but mostly we leave that to all the great creatives out there.


Is everything local?

Frock carries well over 50 local and regional designers and artists. We also supplement with other great indie lines and fun things we find all over the place.


How do I get my line into Frock?

We are always looking for exciting new lines for the store. Please send pictures, pricing and a line sheet to to be considered.


Do you draw on all your bags?

Back in the day, our small store bags & "mystery bags" had original hand drawn fashion portraits on them which we created by a neighborhood boy, Herman Phillips, who had been working with us since he was 9. Each portrait is completely unique and totally fabulous! Herman has since grown up and is working in the retail fashion industry in Dallas, TX, and we are so proud of him.


Have you always been at this location?

We originally opened in July 2003 at 2940 NE Alberta. That building sold a few year later and now houses Stella Taco, a great little restaurant. We re-located to 1439 NE Alberta which was formally a children's store, Jaminga.


Who painted the mural on the side of the Frock building?

The exciting, larger-than-life mural on the Frock building was painted by local aritst Hampton Rodriguez who is originally from the Dominican Republic where he received his art training. His mural work can be found on Alberta, Killingsworth and other locations. His work is whimsical, funky, and vivid and captures the spirit of the Alberta Arts District. Find him at


What are the store hours?

Tuesday-Saturday 10ish-6
Sunday-Monday 10ish-5


Technical issues with this website?

If you have any technical issues or questions about our website, please contact